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Lisa Faulkner is the Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of the inspirational TV and Radio show Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner. GCWLF is in syndication as a Podcast on iTunes, iHeart Radio, and all other Podcast Networks. Game Changers features entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, ministers, and advocates for positive change. It is devoted to encouraging and informative spotlights from professionals who have found a successful niche in today's marketplace. Visit to learn more about Lisa and Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner.

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Nov 27, 2017

Stephanie Joy's bubbly personality that landed her on the Cheerios box and in commercials for major brands like Pop Tarts, Best Buy and Cost Cutters still shines through now as a Christian Music Artist. Her major starring role now no longer conflicts with her faith as a wife, mother and artist who brings the message of hope and faith to thousands through her music and speaking to teen girls. Stephanie made the choice to follow Christ instead of accepting starring roles that would compromise her beliefs. You will be encouraged to do it your way through Stephanie's story. One of Lisa's favorite returning Game Changers, D. Anthony Miles was in the studio to share his recent developments in the doctoral community and abroad for any entrepreneurs who are looking for new enterprises! Enjoy the show!