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Lisa Faulkner is the Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of the inspirational TV and Radio show Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner. GCWLF is in syndication as a Podcast on iTunes, iHeart Radio, and all other Podcast Networks. Game Changers features entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, ministers, and advocates for positive change. It is devoted to encouraging and informative spotlights from professionals who have found a successful niche in today's marketplace. Visit to learn more about Lisa and Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner.

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Jun 28, 2014

Employment Specialist & Attorney at Law, Porsche Leonce of Leonce Law joined Game Changers as Co-Host and expert on all things civil rights in the workplace. Her determination and approach to law and the welfare of her clients in the workplace was revealed as she discussed her current and most embittered cases. Coach West of Look Faith First brought the Game Changers listeners more than we prayed for with his principled approach to business. Coach West is a drum major at building and informing businesses on how to achieve quality customer service and long-term relationships while keeping the faith. The hour ended with much to talk about from Doug Hess and his book, Gordon Gekko, CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude. Doug shared the challenges he has overcome and the keys to help everyone succeed in the workplace from the ground up.