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Lisa Faulkner is the Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of the inspirational TV and Radio show Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner. GCWLF is in syndication as a Podcast on iTunes, iHeart Radio, and all other Podcast Networks. Game Changers features entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, ministers, and advocates for positive change. It is devoted to encouraging and informative spotlights from professionals who have found a successful niche in today's marketplace. Visit to learn more about Lisa and Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner.

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Jul 1, 2018

Lisa spent the hour with two uncommon heroes who rose from unexpected circumstances to miraculous missions. In 2015 Lionel Hagege was watching the news and drawn to a story about a young woman, who committed suicide because an intimate video of hers was shared online. This father of two daughters was spurred into action to found what is now known as FACEPINPOINT. The only Face Recognition Platform dedicated to Pinpoint your intimate pictures that are illegally published online and to take specific actions to have the images removed. It is an uncommon mission but Lionel is going across the globe to ensure what is shared in private should remain private. 

In the next half hour Lisa and Lionel were deeply moved by 29 year old Terrell Scott. Terrell is an Author and Motivator who has defied all odds doctors set against him at birth. He has graduated college, lives on his own, has authored a book and encourages others to live their best lives as well despite any challenges or disabilities. The hour was electric! Enjoy the show!