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Dec 31, 2015

So here we go Game Changers another week of the Best of Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner. And thanks so much to our show and banner sponsor, Sankofa Media! Do you remember the movie Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson?! Of course you do. No doubt it is a favorite for some of you. We talked with the author who wrote the story! Renown novelist Jack Engelhard stopped by and we know you’ll enjoy hearing from him. This best of hour also honors another great icon of history in Atlanta called Atlanta’s Civil and Human Rights Center. WAEC’s then GM, Greg Cooper served as guest host with Lisa that day and they talked with the Center’s Curator, Dina Bailey in the studio. She shared with us why this center is epic and electric for all concerned with human and civil rights. And because culture and rights are always on the forefront of America and the charge to make them matter we also recently produced a “Black Lives Matter – is it Liberating or Separating?” show. Hear from the Black Lives Matter Roundtable to close us out today. Thanks for listening to the Best of Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner

Earl Thomas
over eight years ago

Hi Lisa,
I am enjoying ur interviews The Best of Game Changers. Your interview with Jack Engelhard
is very good as i enjoyed that movie as I am a big DEMI MOORE fan. I love interviews & I enjoyed doing them live on Penticton radio quite a few years ago. Thanks Lisa for viewing my profile.